Finally finished my Levi print which is available on my storenvy
Flipped up top so you can see it better c:

This is actually a redraw of a screen cap from the ACWNR trailer! 

This is dedicated to the lovely orderandsophism, who is always inspiring me with their headcanons, writing, and beautiful singing voice. And they made me love Levi even more than I did before. 

You can view it full sized w/o any lost quality or stretching here


SNK OFFICIAL ART: Union Creative Levi
Chief SNK Animation Director Kyoji Asano.


i had to guess the fuq was on his hoodie, other than that i might clean/fix this up but its a warmup so why bother hah


Page 42 of the latest chapter is really the only page you need to look at.


Now & then (art by Mo)

I feel the same. I love fireworks.


Idiot Tsundere. 


Laxy’s OTPs (8/?) → Hori Masayuki and Kashima Yuu (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)


Waka thinks Kashima is a guy and I can’t stop crying from laughing


2 Nodame.

Ueno Juri & Shim Eun Kyung :)


…techincally he was feeding the horses…


but that was still very nsfw of you eren and levi should stop assuming shit hah

thanks malfish for giving the eren shoves carrots up jeans throat idea because it was great omf

Disney + The Swing

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Milky Way in Anglesey, Wales, by Kris Williams

episode 12: if this feeling isn’t love, then there is no love in the world

"I'm going to look for Lisa."

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